Welcome, y'all

to my musings, ponderings, and general thoughts on
life, faith, and size dignity
from a woman who is these three things and more:
fat, Catholic, & loved.


I have struggled with weight my whole life, and now I find myself as a woman of girth in a culture that glorifies thinness. I write about how being a Christian filters how I see the dignity of each human. And since my experience has been one as a woman of girth, I write a lot about being fat. 


I grew up evangelical and Protestant in East Texas and moved away for college and jobs. Once again I find myself back in my hometown, but one major difference--now I'm Catholic. I still passionately love Jesus, and that makes for some really interesting conversations with my neighbors. 


I grew up with a major dose of the Protestant work ethic. It took me a long time to truly believe that God is good and that He loves me--without me earning it!  With that always in mind, I write about the Bible, social justice, music, parenting, literature, culture, and anything else that make my heart come alive.