About me


writing has always been life to me.

It started with stories like "Hamburger Man" when I was I realized that writing was at the core of who God made in third grade.  And then journaling every day. Then the occasional letter to the editor in the college newspaper.

It's the way I process the world: if I'm not writing, I'm suffering. So, a blog ended up being the easiest way to get writing actually happening for me. 

For the most part, I've been a small potatoes blogger--you know, 20 people reading my posts--writing about faith and culture and my own experiences in my faith journey and my life (as--oh, what does my Twitter profile say?--writer, wife and mother, friend, and teacher). 

My husband and I got married in 2009 in the Episcopal Church, but we really knew that our spiritually pedigree was all over the place--from a fundamentalist church where I learned the value and delight of Scripture to a Reformed church that taught me the power of the liturgy, to a charismatic church that introduced me to the person of the Holy Spirit in a fresh way, to a charismatic Anglican church that showed me that the Spirit breathing God's life into the liturgy was a non-negotiable. We ended up making the long and complicated decision to become Catholic, and we really really gladly entered the Catholic Church in 2015. 

I was pregnant with my 3rd child when I wrote a blog called "To All the Fat Girls" on my old website. In it, I opened up about when a doctor called me fat and how it took me several years to realize that being fat didn't define me. It got over 1500 hits in two days, and I realized I was on to something--that people needed to hear that whatever weakness they had, they were valuable to the Church. 

Once I dipped my toe into the body positivity/fat acceptance waters, I quickly realized that there were not a lot of Christian voices speaking truth in the movement. So I started www.FatinChurch.com as a resource for Christians--fat and non-fat alike--to know how to love our bodies and to celebrate them as the good things God created them. I'm in the process of moving all the posts from Fat in Church to this website, so I can have everything in one place, but my goal is that it serves as a resource for Christians--fat and non-fat alike--to learn how precious their bodies are and how God made every body a good body. 

I'm kind of a newbie on Twitter, but you can follow me @AmandaMBeck. I'm also on Facebook, occasionally on Instagram, and finding kid activities and recipes on Pinterest

~Amanda Martinez Beck