A new place to write

I have been blogging now for five years, which seems crazy to me. I had the idea to start a blog while I was in my second year of marriage, teaching Spanish at the college level, and busy living on campus in Brooks College at Baylor University--I didn't think I had a the free time to start something new, but I am so glad that I did. In giving myself a place to write, I let myself experiment; I stretched out my writing wings and filled the space available to me. 

It has been so fun to write, to feel a tug in my heart to write even more. To be honest, I have wanted to be a writer since I was in third grade. My first short story was about the Hamburger Man, a hero who looked much like the Hamburglar, but Hamburger Man did good for mankind, instead of making enemies of strange clowns with his thievery like the Hamburglar. Yes, it was as cheesy as it sounds (pun intended). But I have always written with passion, even passion about hamburgers. I do love my hamburgers. 

When I quit my last job outside of the home, I thought it was simply because I was pregnant with my third child, that childcare would no longer be covered by my small paycheck. But being home with my three kiddos, I realized that I want to do more. It's not that they aren't a full-time job--they absolutely are. But I still have something to say. 

I have written over one hundred posts over at paintedwithoutmakeup.com, my previous blog.  As my writing career is developing, I don't want to leave behind everything I have thought through with you--my readers, my friends, and my family. Here are some of the posts I am proudest of: 

To All the Fat Girls
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Diary of a Wimpy Mom
Declaring in a Whisper
For All the Fat Girls at Christmas

For now, I am challenging myself to push the boundaries of what I have come to expect of myself and the people around me and even how I think God moves and works. Thanks for joining me here at amanda.martinez.beck.com. I look forward to more writing adventures.